Would you like to reduce your spend on additives? Do you have the secret of achieving high quality casting surface finish? Are you concerned about optimising your green sand process, or reducing casting defects, or making the foundry more profitable?

"SANDMAN" uses data analytics to help you face these challenges. It is the world's first specialized computer software for foundries. It's powerful mathematical modelling and algorithm will enable optimizing molding sand control, dose-by-need additive consumption, and reduce toxic waste. It will minimise the stress of critical decision making. And give you an edge over the competition.

Deploy SANDMAN and take your business to the next level.

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About Sandman

The genesis of SANDMAN lay in the providing of solutions in green sand, which Mr. Deepak Chowdhary introduced in the early 1990's. Inviting foundries to send their laboratory samples of green sand and additives, he was able to predict the possible casting defects, causes and their possible solutions based on some fundamental parameters of the sand sample. The predictions , based on his growing experience dealing with several hundred foundries that his company supplied additives to, proved to be quite accurate and thus commanded consistent interest and demand from customers and became a significant value proposition.



Value of Foundry Data: SANDMAN will organize, store, validate, and analyze your foundry's molding sand data legacy. It will leverage this for casting process optimization, using prescriptive and predictive data analytics. It will enable you to make the shift from reactive to proactive green sand control and management. A key outcome will be the reduction of sand related repetitive casting defects and rejections.

Expert Support: This SaaS delivered software comes with dedicated support, by a team of experienced foundry experts, data scientists, and developers.

Cost of Casting Rejection: A 1% green sand related rejection in a 2000 ton/month foundry in India, costs about INR 12 million (USD 0.2 million) per annum.


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Mr. Deepak Chowdhary
"Data analytics is transforming the way the world is looking at their data legacies and experiential data to reclaim lost profits. Being able to predict future events to build and innovate based on their invaluable data legacy is creating tremendous and sustainable value for companies who take ownership of the past for the betterment of their future. MPM INFOSOFT which has a Team of erudite and highly competent data scientists are committed and ready to develop products which will be a part of this future."
Mr. Deepak Chowdhary - Thought leader, expert in Foundry Green Sand Molding, related Data Analytics, entrepreneur, and inventor of SANDMAN.